Welcome to Ellen’s Website

I’m a professional writer offering years of experience to those needing to communicate ideas and information effectively.

Good writing requires the ability to:

  • Organize thoughts and information
  • Construct easily understood sentences
  • Communicate effectively

Good ideas  deserve good writing

But good writing takes time, effort and practice. I started writing as a child, and have never stopped. My professional writing career spans three decades, and covers a wide range of topics and formats. I bring writing skills and a lifetime of experience to those who need to communicate their ideas effectively. See “About Ellen” for more details on my background.

Your byline or mine

Sometimes, such as when I’ve been a Washington Post reporter, or a Business Week Online columnist, my work appears under my own name.

Other times, my words—or my editing of others’ words–appear under the name of another professional, an expert, a politician, an organization, a non-profit foundation, or a business.

Your information and ideas, my writing and/or editing

Whether it’s 50 words or 50,000, together we can create the editorial products you need:  articles, books, book proposals, brochures, conference reports, speeches, website content and more. See “Editorial Products” for a list of the types of work I can create with you.

The button labeled “writing samples” offers a selection of my own writing, some of it with my byline, some not. “Books” describes four books I’ve authored and published and mentions some others to which I have contributed.

I can work with you and for you as a writer, an editor, or a ghostwriter. For references, see “What Others Say about Ellen” to the right. To learn about the expertise I bring to your project, see “Special Skills.”

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