Ellen’s Books

For publication of my two retirement books in hard-cover and paperback, I completed extensive national media tours. The tours included appearances on “The Today Show,” CNBC, and dozens of other television and radio programs, as well as book signings, speeches and workshop presentations.

The Retirement Catch-up Guide:

54 Real-Life Lessons To Boost Your Future Resources Now! (Newmarket Press)

Stories of 54 people who reached a certain age and realized they did not have enough money put away for retirement—and the steps they took to beef up their retirement resources.

Bankroll Your Future Retirement with Help from Uncle Sam (Newmarket Press)

A primer to help readers make the right decisions on key retirement issues such as when to take Social Security, how to take advantage of tax benefits, and long-term health care options.

A Time-Traveler’s Guide to Columbus’ Spain (Time-Traveler Press)

A step-by-step guide in the footsteps of Columbus in Spain—four family-friendly itineraries.

How to Plan a Successful Trip (Farragut Publishing)

Tips on travel planning, including how to select a travel agent, make airline reservations, and choose a hotel.

Travel Guidebooks

Coordinator, Bantam Guide to Spain

Contributor to Penguin, Wall St. Journal, and other travel guides to Spain.