Editorial Products


Writing, rewriting, ghostwriting, substantive editing, and consulting on:

  • Articles (newspaper, magazine, online)
  • Speeches, lectures, talking points
  • Books and book proposals
  • Book editing
  • Booklets and brochures
  • Conference reports
  • Congressional testimony
  • E-Books
  • Press and other briefing materials
  • Virtual editing and writing
  • Website content


Book editing can take many forms. It’s about much more than putting commas in the right place or correcting spelling.

The type of book editing I offer is, depending on the source, referred to as “developmental” or “substantive.” It’s the first round in the process: The discussion and analysis of the content and organization of the proposed book, and of its potential for attracting an audience and a publisher. Once the decision to go ahead has been made, substantive editing consists of working with the author to craft a writing plan. The plan is essentially an outline of the proposed work’s contents and an approach to getting the project done. The plan includes priorities, so that the author can proceed logically from one task to the next, seeing the results and gaining momentum to reach the conclusion.

When I collaborate with an author on a book editing project, I may offer any or all of the following services:

  • Analyzing manuscript ideas
  • Advising on development of a writing plan
  • Drafting a proposal to an agent or publisher
  • Critiquing the author’s drafts
  • Substantive revisions to the manuscript
  • Strategizing on marketing