Special Skills


  • Collaborating: Whether you’re an author looking for a ghost writer, a small group or firm, a committee of 20 or a large organization, you’ll appreciate my ability to work with you and your colleagues  in a professional but friendly manner
  • Fast and totally loyal to deadlines: Writing for The Washington Post, Business Week (a weekly)  magazine,  and in the Washington policy arena, there’s no leeway to be sluggish or miss deadlines
  • Organized: I never leave my desk at the end of the day without knowing what tasks I will complete the next day.  Whether you ask me to organize  100 pages of random thoughts for your book, or to  write a coherent manuscript based on a 2-day conference with a dozen different presenters, you’ll like the results
  • Resourceful: As author of the syndicated column, “The Resourceful Traveler,” several self-help books and hundreds of articles,  I know how to research whatever you need to know for your project
  • Spanish-speaking: Years of living in Spanish-speaking cultures have qualified me to do interviews and research in Spanish
  • Specialized: Over my career of 30+ years, the following topics have become my specialties: personal finance and retirement, aging ,travel, education,  women’s issues,  and federal policy issues, especially in the fields of  social and economic policy
  • Versatile: Specialties aside, I’ve tackled and successfully completed a wide spectrum of editorial  projects  in fields including: the arts, day care, children and family issues,  “executive lifestyles,” real estate, restaurant reviews, tax policy and workplace issues